READ THIS FIRST Common server issues and solutions

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READ THIS FIRST Common server issues and solutions

Postby RoaringCow » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:04 pm

Below is a list of common issues a server may have during initial setup:

Something doesn't work.
Run the server vanilla with no other addons and see if it's still broken. ULX can totally break stronghold.

Why are the guns reloading instantly/have no animations?
CS:S isn't mounted properly.

I don't have any maps on the map vote screen.
Make sure your maps.txt was written to the data/stronghold folder. If not, copy it from the gamemode.

How do I give money to a player?
gbux_addmoney <name> <amount>

My server isn't switching maps.
mp_timelimit <time in minutes>

Where do I change gun prices?

The guns aren't shooting as fast as they should/people are complaining that the guns aren't shooting as fast.
You need to set a tick rate of at least 33.
phpBB [video]

[ERROR] gamemodes/stronghold/entities/weapons/sh_base/cl_init.lua:670: bad argument #1 to 'ManipulateBonePosition' (number expected, got nil)
This error happens when you've added custom weapons/models. You have to give the script a bone number for which the recoil system can manipulate. Find out which bone number controls the bolt and change the variable in the weapon file. Also you may delete the line entirely.

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